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That makes us the best at what we do – because it’s all we do.

Our Focus

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Healthy environments & saving money
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Enhanced campus look & feel
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Maintain your prestigious appearance

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Itu2019s a dirty job, but someoneu2019s gotta do it
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The SSC Difference

Singular Focus u2013 Education

SSC is 100% dedicated to support services for education. This means weu2019re well-versed in the challenges facing education today, and u2013 most importantly u2013 we know how to overcome them.

Our decision to specialize has allowed us to focus and fine-tune every aspect of our program. From shaping our training and personnel programs and customizing the most efficient procedures, to developing our own private label supply line and employing industry experts with years of experience u2013 weu2019re the best at what we do, and weu2019ve got your back.

A Trusted Partner

Letu2019s face it u2013 saving money is a huge priority for educational institutions. You need every penny you can get to invest in your programs, faculty and, obviously, your students. On top of that, having a high-quality program at a good value is crucial. We know that clean and well-maintained facilities have a direct impact on educational outcomes. Thatu2019s why we always strive to provide superior quality services at the best possible value.nnMost importantly, however, we strive to PARTNER with you through constant review and communication. TRUST breeds SUCCESS. So, weu2019ve made it our mission to provide exceptional support services for every customer, every day to truly enhance each and every learning environment.


We know that cookie-cutter programs simply wonu2019t work. Every organization faces unique challenges, so you need a team that will actually listen and respond to your needs and desires instead of just delivering the same boxed recipe every time. This personalized, one-on-one approach allows us to ensure each and every customer receives the quality service we promise. At the same time, we also have the backing of the largest support services company in the country to guarantee financial, personnel and technological resources. It truly is the best of both worlds that none of our competitors can match.

5 Steps:
Choosing the Right Partner

Outsourcing facility services is becoming more commonplace within the education industry. As more institutions utilize this practice, it is imperative that they choose the right partner to ensure that all their needs are met. Those that only dictate their decision on lowest price, sometimes face the greatest risk. Below weu2019ve listed 5 steps that all organizations should take before they decide on choosing a facilities partner.

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The Compass Group Family

As a member of Compass Group North America, a $16 billion food and support services organization, SSC has an incredible array of resources at our fingertips, and we put those resources to work for our partners. Compass Group has existing relationships with institutions in all 50 states through its diverse family of business lines including Chartwells, Bon Appetit, FLIK, and Canteen. At SSC, we bring our leading support services expertise to this world-class network.

Compass Group brings unshakable financial stability to support our growth, allowing SSC to invest in innovations for our partners. This support also brings peace of mind to our partnerships by allowing us to take more risk and guarantee outcomes. We can even offer up-front capital investments for facility infrastructure improvements, leading to immediate and long-term financial payoff for your campus. 

Bon Appetit Management Company
Chartwells Higher Ed
Chartwells K-12
Compass Group